A fast and flexible platform for lenders, retailers, and partners to deliver and scale their retail finance program, with proven technology and expertise.

It's difficult for lenders, sellers, and payment partners to link and deliver payment alternatives. Such that customers want in a deeply fractured retail finance environment that necessitates advanced technology solutions.

Divido's white-label network integrates lenders, sellers, and channel associates at the point of sale, transforming retail financing with established technologies and business experience to give you more leverage, flexibility, and scope.
Divido raises the bar for retail lending.

For the first time, lenders, sellers, and payment partners can access a white label retail finance network that spans all geographies and markets to address evolving customer demands at the point of sale and easily incorporate and customize it.

For retailers, increasing adoption rates is a top concern. The Divido white-label framework enables merchants to handle many lenders from a single interface, allowing them to improve their approval rates while maintaining control of their program.


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