Gas Tag is a complete overwhelming technological company that goes beyond solutions for estate agents as well as engineers. It provides high-quality safety solutions for essential data to be captured from repairs, maintenance to servicing for properties. Compliance with safety in properties is the core purpose of this company. This award-winning technology offers products like Gas Tag which is a highly useful device to use capture and verify information during service, installation, or repair. It also helps to verify engineers' credibility of certificate validation with a proper app.

Fire Door is a perfect way to ensure compliance management system for housing associations and landlords on door inspections, installations, and repairs by installing the tag and recording the inspection and reporting on compliance to ensure the best work. Property Services also offers full compliance, real-time assurance, and a comprehensive property database collecting data for various tasks for its user.

Safety with compliance is the main motto of this company that's why it's also linked and working with various bodies like Lettings agents and property managers, Housing Associations, and Local Authorities and Contractors. Engineers are also highly encouraged to get in touch with this company to eliminate paperwork and increase efficiency and improve safety standards.

Their team works tirelessly for you to maintain high-quality and accurate data for your property business where everyone prefers to trust you for their property.


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