Viewings just got a whole lot easier!

Tailor-made for the property market, Gavl livestreams viewings in absolute real-time to potential buyers around the globe.

The app allows buyers to browse listings, shortlist properties and watch viewings all from the palm of your hand.

With more buyers watching, vendors can be confident their property is getting the attention it deserves.

Best of all, the Gavl app is free to use.

Product Summary

Gavl Live-Stream Viewings

Gavl Live-Stream Auctions (Coming soon to the UK)

Problems we solve for agents

Livestream viewings in absolute real-time to new potential buyers around the globe.

Minimising the time agents need to be out of the office, reduce the impact on your Vendors lives and offer the buyer an effortless way to engage with your brand. 


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Andrew Dickinson Oakwood homes

Gavl - the game changer

Anthony Roige

Highly recommended

Adam Oakwood homes Estate Agents

Really positive

James Lang Town & Country

Really positive

Austin Halliday Homes

Really positive

Ian Land & New Homes Network

Really positive

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