Hanley Payments offers you a white label digital payment solution. You will be able to integrate on your platform and create an efficient all-in-one payment lane. They offer products designed by experts with years of experience in the industry.

With Hanley Payments, you can integrate payment collection facilities on your platform along with the services you provide. This will give your customers a one-stop payment solution. The automated workflow will require the customer to log into their account just once.

Moreover, Hanley’s integrated pay-out facilities will allow you to make transactions into an unlimited number of accounts. You should be able to trace the payments as well. With an on-site payment option, clients can pay seamlessly.

Furthermore, they know communication is important. That’s why their integrated chat system will add value to your CRM system. The integrated two-way chat facilities through SMS, WhatsApp, and others will allow your clients to converse the way they want in a single place.


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