U-See Homes is the future of selling homes – and it’s here, today.

Built during a time of national crisis – COVID19 - where the property market stood still, U-See Homes is a revolutionary software platform that delivers the most effective tool to help local estate agents sell homes. We remove the obstacles to make it easier for house viewings to take place anytime, anywhere!

Our platform provides early client engagement for estate agents to deliver property viewings like never before. U-See Homes offers personal face to face video interaction between local estate agents and home hunters to view multiple properties in one appointment – all from the comfort of their own setting, using agents existing tours.

No more travelling, no more wasted journeys and plenty more time to focus on delivering a quality experience. Home hunters can now narrow down their search before committing to physical viewings of properties they actually love.

U-See Homes has innovation at its heart. We’ve taken a unique opportunity and delivered a platform that provides answers to many questions – and built the future of selling homes. Our platform manages all your appointments, properties and offers key customer insights that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Problems we solve for agents

U-See Homes is the future of selling homes. We make life easy for everyone. Local estate agents can quickly sign up and start allowing home hunters to book appointments for virtual tours - of multiple properties at one time - by simply clicking a few buttons on your website through our integrated booking system. Or if someone calls your office, you can book an appointment on their behalf. When the time comes for an appointment, both home hunter and negotiator log into their video call (from the comfort of their own setting!) and then you can start to take your home hunters on a personal tour of each property they're interested in. Show them the local area thorugh our Google maps integration, or share floor plans and other documents. And if they really like a property, they can add it to their wishlist, which means at any time after the video call, they log into their account and can view the tour at their leisure. But don't worry, as we offer key insights into telling you how many times the home huntersr are looking at the property and how long they spend watching the virtual tour again - so you have never before been able to understand how interested your customers are in a property until now. Plus a whole lod more features, we'd love to tell you about.


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Rena Andronicou Northwood

Great product

Zoe Amplo Lettings

Really positive

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