Your own dedicated Client Services Call Centre. We generate high-quality valuations and instructions from your existing database, cleansing the data and providing you with brand new revenue streams as we go. This a white label service that is quickly operational with zero start up costs. We can also include overflow call handling, consolidating and qualifying in-bound enquiries as well as operating a successful conveyancing panel.

 You only pay for actual results, not leads. Build your brand, increase your income and gain more instructions.

Product Summary

Lead generation Social Media Campaigns Data cleansing Overflow call handling Qualifying inbound enquiries

Problems we solve for agents

Taking advantage of your data and leveraging it for the best possible results, whilst remaining GDPR compliant at all times. We meticulously prospect for new opportunities while you take care of the day to day operation. Searching through data to find leads is time consuming and costly, as the experts we do all the hard work for you, and at the same time clean your data so it's ready for future prospecting.


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