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Property Academy delivers measurable personal & business performance improvement by helping business owners to master... Read more

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Property Academy delivers measurable personal & business performance improvement by helping business owners to master the issues that prevent them from realising their potential.

Membership includes:-

  • Weekly coaching tips
  • Monthly coaching videos & book reviews
  • Monthly performance reports & expert advice
  • Bi-monthly peer group meetings & interactive workshops with experienced business coaches
  • Annual Home Moving Trends, Landlord & Tenant market research insights
  • Priority notice and booking for Property Academy’s live events, including BlueSky and EA Masters Founded by estate agency coach and award winning speaker Peter Knight, Property Academy’s leadership groups provide you with a source of information, insight, ideas and inspiration.

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Peter lawrence

Lawrence Rand

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James Du Pavey Ltd

Review from the 2020 Best Estate Agency Supplier Guide

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Review from the 2020 Best Estate Agency Supplier Guide

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Quealy & Co

Fantastic Insight

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Number One Real Estate

Would highly recommend, was a god send to us before we had our CRM and we regularly get comments on how professional our presentation is.

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Nicol & Co Estate Agents

Review from the 2020 Best Estate Agency Supplier Guide

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Broomham Recruitment

Review from the 2020 Best Estate Agency Supplier Guide

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Lawrence Rand

Outstanding in what they have helped me with

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Jones Robinson

You'd be mad not to!

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Ryder & Dutton


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Ashington Page

Wouldn't want to be without the support, friendship and inspiration that I get from my Leadership Group.

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Awarded in 2019

Best Estate Agency Suppliers Guide 2020: Exceptional (Training, Coaching & Consultancy)

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kerfuffle reviews on Property Academy

Jamie Coronna tlc estate agents

Proactive, supportive and confidence inspiring

Kevin Ellis Land & New Homes Network

Excellent speakers, but true value is sense check on ideas and opinions of others in the room

Graeme Edwards Ravensworth

I always learn something


Being able to have real conversations with real people in the same industry, where you can all be open honest and direct. No bravado or embellishment, just facts and practical advice. Add to that access to the highest pedigree of guest speakers, Property Academy offers fantastic value for money.


the insights, support and direction


Interactive and inspiring learning!


Full of innovation and practical solution, plus just a wonderful place to meet like-minded agency owners without any competition.


Great opportunity to network with other agents. Informative speakers with relevant content.


I love how they bring like minded individuals together which allows for some really meaningful conversations around the direction in which to take our business.

Darren OReilly

Knowledgable trainer


Sharing ideas and discussing issues/opportunities within each business with trusted non competing agents.

Katie Darlow

It’s great to have a break from the office where you can share your issues with like minded individuals who struggle with the same things day to day. The evenings before are fun and yet often we get the most valuable information from them but then the speakers the next day always give you ideas from an outsiders perspective which really helps to improve your business.

Mark Manning

Great way to meet like minded agents and learn new things!


Highly efficient and consistently effective events and insight delivered by this team. Pulling together inspirational speakers to help guide and build careers and business

John Watts

The quality of the speakers are second to none and coupled with the knowledge and experience of Peter Knight and other members of the group makes it invaluable.

Dafydd Hardy

A platform to share ideas with like minded agents in a non-competitive environment

Chris Sawyer

Great ideas provided. Its been brilliant to work with some great, likeminded non competing agents and help also provided to implement the new ideas given.

Accouter Group of Companies

An inspirational approach to personal development

Mr James Du Pavey

The shared experience of the group and Peter

Deborah Richards

The chance to get together with a group of estate agents, who do not operate in my patch, to discuss current ideas and issues. And all chaired by the fabulous Peter Knight, whose industry expertise and ability to problem solve and see an innovative solution is first class. It's like meeting a group of friends who totally understand my industry specific issues and want to help you with your estate agency business journey.

Matt Nicol

Has been a game changer in my business. Provides me with real focus and great ideas.

Dee Quealy

The support network and collaborative approach from all the members

Jamie Coronna

Fantastic brain exchange regularly throughout the year with some sensational speakers after so many years we have a really tight knit group and have all helped each other unbelievably and this could’ve happened without Property Academy. So good I’ve also put some of my other staff on some of the other programs they offer!

Chris Holroyd

The simple fact of being in a room of like minded people open to sharing ideas and best practises to enable you to grow with confidence.


Property Academy delivers real value to my world. Peter's insights and vision married to the quality of speakers make for amazing 'delivered' content and all inside of a safe collaborative space with other agents.... In my experience the groups are suitably varied and are not necessarily made up of 'like minded' agents... this is beautiful. In essence, Peter, the speakers and the other Property Academy members force you to think... and think again.


Friendly, helpful team. Positive communications which can help change your perspective and think differently about the business. Great Support and contacts through the network. The videos, 4I's and weekly tips are great too.

Matthew Cousins

Property Academy helps you grow as a business, with advice from top class speakers and one of the most knowledgeable leaders in Peter Knight. A must for any business that is serious about growing

Sarah Kemp

I love the meetings - they are the most enjoyable and worthwhile meetings of the calendar year.


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