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Stephen Brown

Stephen works with Estate Agents and Letting Agents nationwide with the aim of generating more revenue for them by... Read more

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Stephen works with Estate Agents and Letting Agents nationwide with the aim of generating more revenue for them by looking at their systems, processes, training and mentoring. Stephen's focus is on the four main disciplines of agency, prospecting, listing, negotiating and selling and looks at ways at adding value through each process and finding marginal improvements that have a huge impact.

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David Mintz

Normie and Company

Oliver Press

Oliver James Estate Agents

Owen Smith

James Llewellyn

Rice Chamberlains LLP

Paul Rolfe

Paul Rolfe Sales and Letting

Simon Ward

Mr Green Estate Agents

Ryan Woolfenden


David Mintz Normie & Co
Harry Toop Parkers Estate Agents

Awarded in 2019

Best Estate Agency Suppliers Guide 2020: Best Small

Best Estate Agency Suppliers Guide 2020: Exceptional (Training, Coaching & Consultancy)

Product range

Training, Consulting, Mentoring.

Problems we solve for agents

Obtain More market appraisals, more instructions, higher fees, and quicker sales.

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kerfuffle reviews on Stephen Brown

David Mintz Normie & Co

Stephen is trust worthy and genuinely knows his stuff and wants to help.

Harry Toop Parkers Estate Agents

Stephen is a fantastic estate agency coach and is really willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. I would highly recommend his courses and the training he offers.

Brian Linehan Belvoir Southampton

Friendly, professional and approachable

Jim Parker Fife Properties

He sees opportunity when you think there is none

James Llewellyn Rice Chamberlains LLP

Stephen is exceptional in everything he does. His knowledge and energy knows no limits. Always achieving excellence and trying to install that through his training and support- the best around

Mark Meyers Meyers

Stephen knows where the money is and he is fully supportive

Peter Lawrence Lawrence Rand

A truly outstanding person, his training and development is amazing


Great training content and ideas for agents


Great relationship builder.


Stephen Brown is one of the nicest people in the industry. He has so much knowledge, and is always happy to give advice and guidance. I highly recommend him.


Stephen has been a great help to our staff providing positive training sessions, feedback and new ideas.


Practical pragmatic approach to achieving results.


Stephen is one of the best trainers I have ever met. He does not stop there, he wants to ensure success after the event and I will always use Stephen.


Clear and easy advice




I've known Stephen for a few years now and had the pleasure of attending the AREC 2018 conference with him. It's hard to put into words how much effort, passion and knowledge goes into being the UK's most trusted / respected industry trainer but Stephen is definitely someone I actively recommend to anyone looking to really drive their agency forward.


Genuine, really top class training which provides an excellent return on investment . Highly recommend Stephen .


What a great guy, really helpful. Has done wonders for our business generation

Jon Davies

Stephen us an articulate, passionate individual who shares his knowledge and wisdom with others in a practical way. He helps others unlock their potential and helps take business results to another level.


Stephen has the ability to engage positively with all agents in different marketplaces across the UK. I would have no hesitation to recommend him to businesses wanting to make the most of all opportunities and succeed.


Stephen really helps you maximise all opportunities within your business and opens your eyes in a way other trainers don’t

Katie Fox

His energy is great and he set us tasks to increase our profitably which was a success


Stephen is a very knowledgeable and professional individual who provides expert coaching to the property industry. I have attended several sessions held by Stephen and consider it essential for our business.


Stephen has been incredibly generous with his time, provided me lots of easily actionable advice all of which will help me continue to move forward and improve. He is vastly experienced and clearly knows the business inside out. I look forward to working with Stephen in the future on one of his upcoming courses.

Gareth Witcombe

Always on hand for advice

David Gardner

Stephen was just incredibly genuine. Didn’t feel like training at all and more felt a good friend passing on tricks of the trade.

Jayne O’Brien

Stephen has so much knowledge and experience and shares this so generously with everyone he meets. I’m so incredibly grateful for his support and training, it’s been a huge benefit to my business. Working with Stephen doesn’t just end with your training session, his ongoing support is invaluable.


Stephen is one of the most genuine and honest people in our industry. He is very knowledgeable and always delivers great content on his courses.

Matthew Fine

I have know Stephen for over 35 years and watched his rise through Estate Agency and then as an award winning trainer. He is knowledgeable, incisive and unlike other so called Gurus in the business who only earn money telling people how & what to do Stephen has first hand experience and has achieved more than most in the Estate Agency world.


Stephen has a mentality that is about others success and progress rather than his own self promotion - others come first for Stephen - he has made dramatic in roads and should take a good slice of responsibility into the success of our brand through his own training deployment but also sharing and promoting his own competition in order to gain the best outcome for his clients - that’s impressive and unusual - thanks Stephen for the contributions you have made to the Meyers Brand - we are extremely grateful -


Fantastic ideas to implement in estate agency which will help improve your revenue.


Stephen’s knowledge of the industry is second to none. His passion to assist people is evident in the way he continues to communicate with people. The information and training is practical which you can easily apply in your daily working life with brilliant results. On top of everything else, he is one of life’s gentlemen.


Stephen is an Estate Agent guru, extremely knowledgeable and keen to share his knowledge. He's helpful, friendly and approachable. If you need to know anything, he'll answer promptly and offer advice wherever required. Can't recommend highly enough


Training by an expert in his field


Great guy. Very generous with his time and always full of useful ideas.


Simple yet so effective


Being able to talk to him, always happy to pick up the phone.


He is the king of Prospecting - whenever I send a member of our team to see Stephen they come back all fired up , with great techniques. Not only that Stephen is always on hand to offer support and advice - the guy is a legend!


Undoubtedly the most production morning I've spent on my business in the last 5 years!


Really helpful information


Very informative and helpful


Stephen is quite simply the very best estate agency grainer to get more business out of your Negs


Very informative & the day of interaction keeps going long after the courses & presentations have finished , can't recommend enough.


Inspirational and motivational


I’ve met and dealt with Stephen 6 or 7 times over the last 4 years. He is fully engaging and draws upon personal experiences to help estate agents continually improve. He asks questions of you and challenges you to think outside the box. His content on social media is always worth a read and ensures his clients past and present continue to engage.


He is very honest and upfront about areas of improvement and he provides clear guidance on what to do that will make a difference.


Knows how to engage his audience!


Known Stephen for over 20 years. When ever I speak to him still learn new things. What he does not know about Estate Agency is not worth knowing. Top Man!


Very knowledgeable & informative


I like his integrity & honesty of being himself. It doesn’t matter if he talks to you about work or personal matters he remains sincere offering his best advice and intentions.

Richard Bray

Straight forward effective advice

Paul Long

The way he teaches and the fact he has so much experience and knowledge about the property industry..


Just excellent


Stephen is one of the most genuine people in the industry whose knowledge and insights will drive you to become the best Agent you could possibly be.


Honesty, integrity and he genuinely wants to help your business grow.


Stephen really helped me to reset my way of thinking and my approach to my working day and how those small changes can and do over time - pay off. Having been in the industry for many years I had become set in my ways, Stephen really made a difference for me in that. His support and reassurance has been amazing these last couple of years and he always has experience of any situation that he can draw from in his advice to you. I would thoroughly recommend training with Stephen, it doesn’t matter how experienced an EA you are he will always teach you something.

Scott Martin

I love Stephen’s passion, endless knowledge and ideas. Really has inspired our team and we look forward to working with him again.


Stephen is a great mentor and coach. It is true what he says - your database is gold. Stephen teaches how to extract these clients and turn them into valuable valuation appointments. He also goes beyond this though, coaching you in how to convert these leads into clients and how to attract higher fees.

Andy Davies

Stephen is a legend and genuinely cares about his clients. Don’t even think about it JFDI.

Amy Rowlands

Engaging, informative, comfortable.

James Llewellyn

A great guy, so giving with his time and advice. He’s helped me and my business enormously

Andrew Sanderson

Stephen is one of the most genuine guys in the industry. He really cares about his clients and offers them huge value.

Luke St Clair

Genuine desire to help and provide value to clients.

Jon crane

Stephen Brown is a truly knowledgable trainer, always there to help and share new ideas! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Normie & Company

He genuinely takes time to listen and empathise




Stephen is a fantastic source of knowledge and has helped us raise our fees. His mastermind group is a great source of knowledge and help.

Michael Nettleton

Says what he does and does what he says. Stephen has helped me massively with my business over the last few years.

Ben Matthews

Stephen is a legend, his training methods are superb and he really takes the time to get know the issues you need help with. On top of that he’s a lovely guy who’ll go out of his way to check in see how you’re getting on.

Nathan Jackman-Smith

Stephen Brown is up to date with how his techniques will help the EA industry, having worked with him for years, he isnt just there to say this is how you should do things, but knows they work in practice, if they don't because times change, his techniques, training and consulting advice moves with the times. A genuine man with excellent training


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