Arthur is an award-winning property management software designed to save your business time and money by streamlining each stage of the tenancy journey. 

By bringing everything onto one easy-to-use platform, Arthur simplifies operational processes to establish a fully integrated infrastructure around which your business can improve its service offering and achieve scalable growth.

Our market-leading features and functionality allow you to seamlessly manage all aspects of your portfolio and ensure you have more resources to secure new deals and increase your revenue.

Thanks to Arthur’s suite of specialised apps for every stakeholder, property managers, across all sectors, can manage their portfolios on the go on all devices, improving communication and transparency with all parties.

With Arthur, you can simplify, manage and elevate the end-to-end process with powerful automation capabilities such as automated maintenance workflows. This enables you to focus on more revenue-generating tasks to boost profitability.

Integrated with thousands of third-party industry-leading apps and portals - including Xero, Signable and Zoopla -  Arthur gives property managers an unparalleled opportunity to boost efficiency and grow their portfolios.

Confidently manage and streamline your business’ financial management with Arthur’s powerful financial module and intuitive reporting functionality, to ensure that your operation


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