Canoy offers a hands-off solution for tenant referencing, harnessing cutting-edge technology to save you time whilst offering more protection. Get peace of mind knowing you’ve found the right tenant for your property.

What does Canopy offer?

Less time wasted - Focus on the best tenants in the market by pre - qualifying tenant leads FREE of charge. 

Close deals faster - Using open banking technology, verify income, rental affordability and historical rent payments in 5-15 minutes, rather than waiting days and weeks. 

More Protection - Get closer to the truth, open banking data, integrations with payroll providers & HMRC. AI fraud detection

No contract, No set up fees, No monthly minimums. Simple hands-off pay as you go referencing

Problems we solve for agents

We're here to help speed up the referencing process. No paperwork, no time wasting and no more second guessing.


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Markus Beher Cathedral City Estates

Great customer service and easy to use

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