CCT, founded in 2012 in Scandinavia, offers clients an innovative way to approach cross-channel online advertising. 

CCT proprietary technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimise social media and search campaigns through their unique Marketplace Distribution Platform (MDP). Unlike traditional advertising means, these campaigns are active 24/7 and optimised automatically based on the behaviour of the target audience. 

CCT are a Facebook Marketing Partner in Ad Technology and are ranked in the 98% quartile for optimisation and best practice. Clients are able to create more interest and engagement for properties and take ownership of data and traffic on their website. 

Product Summary

We have multiple AI technology products to enable our clients to sell more properties, create more meaningfull leads and to help ensure that more instructions are closed.


Problems we solve for agents

We have helped UK clients in a number of areas including:

• Increasing viewings by 8%
• Increasing the average value of properties listed by 12%
• Reducing the time to sell by up to 34%
• Improving closing ratio by 9%


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Nick Thring Duncan Yeardley

Very powerful

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