Duesday eliminates the need to chase payments, removes the headache of knowing if tenants have paid the rent, allows multiple tenancy rent collection and out multiple out payments, completely removing the sheer time spent on reconciling every month. (Agencies managing 40 properties will on average save a whopping £7,200 per annum in costs.)

What do you get: 

Automated Rent Collection ✅

No more chasing rent ✅

Free app for your tenants to pay automatically ✅

Split payment for sharers and students ✅

Free dashboard to set and forget payments ✅

Safeguarding account of Right to Rent  ✅

Regulatory Firewall and much more... ✅

Problems we solve for agents

We eliminate long-winded manual processes agents endure on a daily basis. We collect and payout multiple payments for agents, completely configurable to your business. Saving valuable time and money for agents.

Agents can save 1.5% in costs on the average rental instalments.


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