Lettings in a box is a totally free-to-use lettings platform and Generous commissions.

It's time to reduce your IT costs and admin and increase your income.

LIB provides end-to-end, automation-driven tenancy management. For free. Forever. From initial instructions to tenant referencing to contract completion to move-in services and beyond.

LIB offers total tenancy management including:

  • Tenant and guarantor referencing from just £5
  • Digital deposit and first months’ rent collection
  • Tenancy agreement with digital signing
  • Insurances including
  • Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses
  • Tenant Contents & Liability
  • Buildings & Contents
  • Deposit replacement
  • Free legal helpline for insurance policyholders
  • Tenant move-in services
  • Void period switching for utility and council tax
  • Annual CP12 and home emergency
  • StayWarm boiler installation and 10 year hot water guarantee
  • Full suite of management information and reporting


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