PayProp is an automated payment and reconciliation platform for residential letting agents. It’s more powerful and easier to use than solutions from banks and other vendors.

By automating and optimising inefficient rental payment admin, PayProp frees up real time for real estate agents to do what really matters.

PayProp charges agents a percentage of the rent money processed by your business, and this percentage decreases the more you process. If you don’t process any funds, you don’t pay the percentage!

Collect and match rent to the right payers, make faster outgoing payments, report on your entire portfolio and more – in just a few clicks.

The platform’s unique bank-integrated client account gives you complete visibility and accuracy across all your landlords and tenants.

PayProp’s detailed dashboard shows you live information about incoming and outgoing rental payments, portfolio growth and commission income, and links to a complete overview of your portfolio.

You also get an up-to-date list of tenants who have paid and tenants in arrears. Automated arrears reminders can be sent via e-mail and text message, which is proven to result in more tenants paying.

PayProp’s award-winning support team, based in the UK, is available via phone and e-mail.

Join the thousands of agents who save time and grow their business with PayProp.

Problems we solve for agents

PayProp is the ultimate rental payment platform that frees up your time, your money and your agency for more.

Our platform is integrated into the UK banking system, so your landlord and tenant account balances are always up to date and accurate to the penny.

Detailed dashboards show the properties under your management, money flows, high-risk tenants and much more in one place.

With us you can:

1. Automate your rental payment admin from end to end
2. Reconcile your entire portfolio in a few clicks
3. Manage arrears automatically
4. View your entire rental portfolio’s performance in an instant and 
5. Track incoming and outgoing transactions from our live dashboard.


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Paul Clark David Clark Estate Agents

Really Pleased With It

Vanessa Daque Fortem Property Management

Love this platform!

Glynis Frew Hunters Group Plc

Saves time and time is money!

Philip Ratcliffe Kingstons

PayProp Has Improved Our Efficiency And Customer Service

Josh Peters Murrays Lettings

Essential to the smooth running of our accounts

Hayden Ebert Tenant Direct

Life made simpler!

Andrea Rooney Lawrence Rooney Estate Agents


Steve Wiggins Bond Residential Ltd

Payprop is an ESSENTIAL member of our team

Jane Faulkner Falcon Lettings (Cheltenham) Ltd

Payprop has made my life easier


Must have product for any serious etstate agents

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