The Property Log Book® (PLB) is the original and secure online tool enabling people to manage information about a residential property. TThe PLB benefits estate agents, conveyancers, brokers, lenders and of course the homeowner. The Property Log Book® serves as a strategic marketing asset, empowering real estate professionals to present properties in a compelling manner, differentiate them from competitors, and ultimately drive successful transactions. The PLB is owned by Etive, a digital data management solutions company. 

Problems we solve for agents

The PLB is designed to enhance the marketing efforts of a property. The primary purpose in marketing is to present the property in the most favourable and informative light. It will ensure that agencies can easily comply with NTS – Material Information requirements.  

Speed up the transaction process as the PLB provides a one-stop reference for all key information to facilitate a transaction, including property and legal information.

Making sure a buyer has access to all the relevant information they want about a property, building confidence into their decision-making process.




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