Reputation helps companies delight their customers at every touchpoint by helping them to Get Found, Get Chosen, and Get Better. Your reputation is built from every interaction a person has with your brand—from search to sale, first use to renewal, customer service call to service review. If you’re not proactively soliciting, consolidating, promoting, and acting on feedback at every stage of the journey, consumers will take their business elsewhere. That’s why we’re dedicated to building the only integrated platform that helps companies foster lasting loyalty.

Our SaaS platform is used by household brand names across 80 unique industries, and by utilising 35 patents we hold, our customers enjoy features and functionality simply not available anywhere else. We operate globally from our 6 offices and employ over 500 people who are experts in what we offer.

Your reputation is the pulse of your brand. In today’s Feedback Economy, you need to have a 360-degree view of your online brand to ensure you stay on top of the narrative and connect effectively with your customers. Your reputation matters. With Reputation as your Reputation Experience Management (RXM) and CX partner of choice, you can optimise it!

Product Summary

  • Reviews & Review Booster
  • Business Listings
  • Surveys
  • Social Suite
  • Location Pages
  • Insights & Actions
  • Competitive Reporting
  • Reputation Score

Problems we solve for agents

The customer journey begins before a person has set foot into one of your agencies. The information they see when they go a search for 'estate agents near me' or something else directly influences whether they choose you, or the competition. It can become difficult to manage these sources of information as a business grows and you have more and more sources to keep on top of.

Customer feedback comes from everywhere. With Reputation, you can manage and request reviews, social media, create and send surveys, manage your business listings (Google My Business etc.) and more, from a single dashboard.


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