Multi-award winning as estate agency trainer, success coach and content writer, Richard is regarded by many as the UK’s leading authority in contemporary estate agency method and marketing. 

With hundreds of past and present clients across the globe, Richard’s estate agency training seminars are always peppered with innovative ideas and effective techniques that can be put to immediate use.

With a strong focus on market share and profitability, Richard’s estate agency training courses deliver results, whilst respecting attendees’ individuality. His specialist “Raising Fees Instantly” seminars have helped thousands of estate agencies substantially increase their revenues overnight, putting millions on the bottom line of our industry.

Richard’s training style harnesses existing strengths in your staff and is engaging, effective and enduring. Richard promises to rattle cages and help your staff deliver the goods - fast!

As for content – Richard has written nearly 1000 articles for his clients’ blogs, web pages, newsletters etc on an area-exclusive basis. His pieces challenge, engage and prompt to public to take action. They are designed to articulate the advice, opinion and comment you would like to write yourself but just don’t have the time.

Problems we solve for agents

Swiftly dealing with the issue of over-valuing fee-cutting competitors in a crowded market.
Missing revenue streams.
Poor reputation/Average market share. 



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