Unlock the true potential of your proptech portfolio.

You create a huge amount of data in your business and we believe you should be free to use it as you wish, without restrictions from your software providers. Tennoc helps you unlock the power of your data through easy to use integrations and automation between all of your software providers.

By allowing your software provides to talk to each other and automating your time-consuming processes you’ll be free to spend more time working on your business. Gone are the days of exporting and importing data between applications, no more manually running mail merges.

Be amongst the most forward-thinking agents in the industry.

We’re adding new integrations every week from the most popular to specialist software, and everything in between! Join now and start integrating your software applications.

Product Summary

• Tennoc Core – Connections and Automations between proptech software
• Relay – One API connected to all proptech software (for software developers)

Problems we solve for agents

The problem is large varieties and standards of software that don’t talk to each other resulting in wasted time and effort preventing agents from developing robust and repeatable processes to further improve their business.


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