A Customer Rewards platform that helps give agents a point of difference against their competition in order to win new landlord instructions and find great tenants. Our service adds value to the renting experience and shows that our clients care about their customers and want to provide the best service possible. 

The platform is underpinned by money saving offers and discounts to help financially and make it easier to pay rent and it is these offers that drive users to the platform. Once on the platform there is also access to other features which enable us to get a greater understanding into users ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and provide clients with deep insights into who their customers really are, in order for our clients to develop their service better over time and maximise future opportunities.

The service is fully white labelled so users engage with the clients brand, both on the platform and within weekly communications that all users receive.  These comms fill the post move in customer communications gap, by providing ongoing highly engaging messaging, driving overall customer and brand engagement. 

Product Summary

Our Premium service offers 100’s more discounts and offers to your tenants – greatly increasing your engagement. However, both our Standard and Premium Service includes:

We make sure your brand is truly reflected with a 99% white labelled platform. Your logo and images
• Your colour palette
• Your tone of voice
• Add or exclude offers

• We incentivise and curate feedback from tenants so you don't have to.
• Learn about your customers
• Find hidden opportunities
• Improve your service levels
• Earn honest reviews

We provide your customers with hundreds of savings with national retailers.• Treat your customers with care
• Increase tenant retention
• Reduce void periods
• Show landlords your service levels
• Give your employees some extras

Prize draws
We fund monthly prize draws where your customers could win a month's rent!
• Increase regular engagement
• Fully funded by Vaboo
• If someone wins, you take the credit
• Prize draws incentivise feedback

We place useful tools like FixFlo directly into your customers' line of sight.
• Promote usage of maintenance tools
• Add offers from local businesses
• Promote any of your own products
• Add links to your other services

Every week we send positive communications about savings and giveaways.
• Effortless weekly engagement
• Be present in tenants’ daily lives
• Industry leading open/click rates
• Show your customers you care.

Our client success team hand craft customer experience reports each quarter.
• We look for insights in feedback
• Quarterly updates on usage
• One-to-one client success calls
• Promotional strategy and materials

Tech savvy clients can use our API to automate user management and access.
• Use our robust RESTful API
• Automate user management
• Use Zapier to link other services
• Level up your customer experience stack

Problems we solve for agents

Providing your tenants with extra value shows from day one that you care about your customers and proves you are different from other agents. In addition to providing 100’s of national and local offers and discounts, we manage all agent-branded communications with your tenants around these benefits, asking your tenants the questions that matter whilst and collecting valuable feedback on your behalf.

We’re already giving our customers on average ten-times more agent-branded engagement

with their tenants than they’ve ever managed before. In fact, our agents have:

  • 74% feedback rate from questions asked about their service
  • An UNPRECEDENTED 50% email open rate – tenants want to hear about your
  • Rewards program and what you have to say!
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Our recent insights showed that 83% of tenants rated their Vaboo Agent at least an 8 out of 10
  • Access to our industry expertise with over 500,000 tenant responses about what they want from their agents

Our added value service drives positive brand engagement for agents and shows

prospective landlords their compassionate approach to lettings. Let us help your business stand out from your competition and win new business by showing your customers you care and use insights from your data to grow, build long-term relationships and uncover new opportunities.

Tenant engagement and communication can be full-time job: Vaboo can do it all for you.


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Zoe Bywater OMG-Mentoring

Amazing tool for customer engagement

Ian Crampton Ferndown Estates


Steven Wayne Benjamin Stevens

Great Product benefiting clients and agents

Adam Mackay Mackay Property Agents Ltd

Vaboo helps us show we care about our tenants

Stephen Edelston Papillon Properties Ltd

Great Service from strong customer services business

Damola Utopian Living

Great Company

Peter Ashley Milton Property Agents

Really positive

Oli VCC Homes

Really positive

William willmotts

Really positive


Really positive

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