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We are one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s premier systems, working with over 2700 agents across 3 continents,... Read more

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We are one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s premier systems, working with over 2700 agents across 3 continents, delivering agent-driven built systems that deliver results across their business where it matters. From generating more landlord leads, marketing properties, automating the portal lead and viewing processes, tracking offers, key management, and now electronic key panel solutions to help streamline estate agency operations, allowing them to scale, provide a personalised service without the need for heavy staffing.

Are you looking to grow your business, streamline your front end operations with one singular system, keep running costs down but still provide same if not MORE output of services from a smaller team, create a better customer journey, provide a higher level of service offering than any other agent in your farming area, have full visibility of your staff and teams and costs, increase margins, lower running costs/overheads. Then IRE is your solution.

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Belvoir Bedford

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SME Professional, Let MC/agent OS, Jupix, CFP, Rentman, QUBE
Whomever the clients want us to – we are an open API company, we do the work for free provided we see the benefit for future client integration and business growth

Is your API
Open? Always
Chargeable? Never
It is always what is best for the client

Awarded in 2019

Best Estate Agency Suppliers Guide 2020: Highly rated (Software & Technology)

Setup / Onboarding

1 office – 1-2 weeks
2-7 offices, 1-2 weeks
Medium large network – circa 3 weeks
Large corporates – POA – depends on set up, in house training or support/IT teams

Training & Support

Face to face where clients are happy to welcome us in included or chargeable?
First 3 months there is no charge for in house training – post these clients get free unlimited phone/email support 24/7
In house outside of 3 months is £75/ hour

Do you offer free of charge – 
Telephone Support – yes
Email Support – yes
Chat Support – yes

Product range

Product = IRE BDM. Function – generates/tracks more landlords leads and allows focused follow up for better conversion, increases valuations and wins instructions

Product = Uploader, Function – you’ve just won an instruction, now you can use the same seamless system to list your new property.

Product = ROL Rentals/Sales. Function – your listings are up, now the leads start to come in around the clock - allows prospective tenants and buyers to self-serve 24/7 to pre-qualify, and book themselves into viewing time slots that suit both prospective buyers/renters/agents, with intelligently crafted scheduling, coordination & follow process – like having an admin assistant working for you 24/7. *MORE viewings MORE deals!

Product = App Tracker, function – tracks all offers from acceptance to deal, communicating with all stakeholders throughout the process, applicants and landlords are updated automatically alleviating them calling the office and wasting office admin time.

Product = KeyWhere, function – integrating seamlessly into our Key Tracking software solution, we take tracking to the ultimate level. Removing the human error that loses keys in the first place! The only Hardware key solution to provide 100% key tracking ability.

Problems we solve for agents

Time – buying more than an hour per staff member per day, removing the necessary admin portion of their roles and allowing them to provide more personalized service and do more viewings/deals 
Running costs – allowing a more cost-effective solution to carrying out monotonous admin process tasks, businesses can place software as a solution int heir business before hiring staff Improving efficiencies by streamlining workflows where labour is costly, and ineffective.

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Innovation and simple to use - the team are really helpful and always on hand - it gives us the edge on the competition , contributing to us being the market leader


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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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