Ask Porter offers block management for any space and AI management. They provide a modular AI management platform and Digital Assistant that relieves your team from performing repetitive and mundane tasks. They allow you to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and giving your business a boost.

The intelligent workflow automation by porter autonomously captures inbound activities from any channel and identifies and prioritises them. In addition, tenants and residents can chat with the multilingual AI assistant by voice or text. Ask Porter learns from you by using cutting-edge technology and recommends actions that minimise the cost and maximises productivity.

The inventory can be easily managed using Ask Porter as all dilapidation, manual and appliance information is accessed from one place. Ask Porter prioritises all issues related to maintenance and takes action in real-time. Furthermore, Ask Porter assists in collecting rent and chasing rental arrears.

The Digital Assistant is available to help 24/7. It captures all issues and takes actions according to priority. With over 1.2 million issues reported, Ask Porter continuously learns and improves its algorithm to automate tasks and improve efficiency.


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