As estate agency market research experts, we utilise mystery shopping and customer feedback insights to optimise your processes and grow your revenue.

Mystery Shopping is a cost-effective measurement tool which enables you to assess your sales, service and customer experience performance through the eyes of your customers.

One of our 28,000-strong team of shoppers interacts with your business, documents their experience and assesses it against a list of best practice criteria.

We provide a detailed assessment of every stage of your customer journeys and uncover actionable insights that you can turn into business growth.

Learn what you do well as well as what you could do better, increase revenue and place yourself ahead of the competition.

Customer feedback is the process of collecting and analysing data to help answer questions about your business so you can make better decisions, reduce risk and boost growth.

It can also be more exploratory, helping you to understand the micro or macro environment in which your business operates.

Making important business decisions without supporting data can be a risky strategy.

Good quality customer feedback provides data-driven, robust insight to support business strategy and inform choices.

Problems we solve for agents

Measure your sales process - are staff adhering to it, asking the right questions at the right time? Do they follow up quickly? Is it the process that needs a tweak?

Measure your customer experience - is it positive? How do your customers feel when they interact with your agency? Are all your channels performing as good as your best?

Invaluable for staff development and one-to-one training - understand your business’s strengths and weaknesses by branch, by employee, by touch point.

Qualitative, quantitative, bespoke and internal - benchmark your customer experience over time and against other businesses. Regain lost leads and boost your valuation-to-instruction ratio.


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hassan mahmood Julian Wadden

"We can now reward and recognise our colleagues."

david s Martyn Gerrard

"The benefits are endless."

jonathan Duckworths

"Their C3 product helped us increase our fees."

Nick Moir Andrews Property Group

"We now know what we need to work on."

carter jones Barker and Stonehouse

"The best thing about KnowYourMarket's mystery shopping is that it provides us with a laser-like ability to identify training needs."

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