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The UK’s best property tool to compare homes and land on and off the market. Become the expert in your region instantly with live comparables, time to sell, pricing, risk factoring and more, all on one map. 

Find out who owns any property instantly and see over 250,000 landlords in the UK , the homes they own ,who they rent them through and more. 

Access hundreds of  thousands of properties for sale, filter them down to find the best opportunities for you in your area.

Property Developers, Sourcers, Architects, Estate Agents, Property Valuers, Retrofitters and some of the largest home buyers in the UK use us to give them an advantage over the competition.

Problems we solve for agents

  • Know your market instantly ,see every sale, let, HMO ,landlord and more
  • Find comparables for sales, see who has bought what and what any property is selling for
  • Differentiate yourself using live mapping with hundreds of data overlays.
  • Find opportunities for probate sales, auctions, invetoment properties,HMO's due in your area and more...
  • Search over 250,000 landlords and see what they are renting in your area, who they are renting through and when its next due
  • Investigate the charges on over 3 million properties to find out which investors are due to change finance and find mortgagte opportunities


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