Hi, thanks for checking things out. I'm Steve Meade and along with some mighty fins associates run SJM Consultants, offering a number of services to the property sector and beyond. From consultancy to recruitment and training, through to investment opportunities, and a Revenue approved self-employed contract which can be utilised across the sector, be it for existing team members or new SE associates working in your business.  Give me a call to discuss any of the above.

Problems we solve for agents

We make a huge difference, freeing up much needed funding which can then be utilised for other parts of the business. Our clients have been able to fund Training, Recruitment and many Proptech products and services.

As we enter a 'New Normal' in the sector, many businesses will look to take advantage of this offering, and we have over 10 years experience in this space.


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Louise Henry Adams

Great guys, Great day

Roksana Mroz Henry ADAMS

Steve and Jon

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