At SMS Speedway we like to stay on the cutting-edge of business communications.

From humble roots as the first commercial text messaging service, SMS Speedway has driven the innovation of omni-channel communications, crucial to maximising your revenues.

Product Range

Messaging -
ReachMe – Connect with your clients through their preferred messaging app!
Ad-hoc - Make sending personalised messages to individual phones possible through this service, just type your message through your CRM or our website and we’ll get it delivered to your client.
Confirmations and reminders - Reduce the number of missed viewings, market appraisals and valuations by enabling confirmations and appointment prompts to your client. This service works seamlessly in the background of your day-to-day activities, all you need to do is book the appointment in your CRM.

Marketing -
Interactive property brochures - Reach your clients with a beautifully presented property brochure direct to their mobile phone. Full property details, photographs and key information such as EPC are included, as is two-way communication with the client.

MarketMe - Keep one step ahead in the property market and raise your brand awareness. MarketMe helps you to promote your business in a stunning multimedia showcase direct to your client’s mobile phone. MarketMe delivers a wide range of content such as images, videos and PDFs. Services integrated with SMS Speedway, such as Dataloft Inform and Yuno can be included.

Automations -
Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE) - ACE supports personalised intelligent customer communication when you’re not available. Whether that be through self-help, property searches, queries and requesting appointments - ACE is able to integrate with a wide range of communication platforms from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and text. It has the ability to work alongside a human operator too, accelerating responses and efficiency while maintaining personal contact.

Identity and Verification -
FaceCheck - FaceCheck is an anti-identity fraud service that verifies that the person who is uploading an identity document is the person on that document’s photograph.

DocCheck - DocCheck is an AI system that integrates easily through our simple API. DocCheck is a fraud detection and data extraction service for official documents such as utility bills and bank statements, its abilities exceed that of a trained human professional.

Problems we solve for agents

SMS Speedway can provide you with a complete end-to-end business communication.

We are integrated with market-leading property CRMs. You can use us as both stand-alone through our website, or integrated into your software.

We specialise in communicating based on your customers using their choice of apps.

And the best part?

We do it automatically in the background, simple and easy to use.


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Helen Nicholson Dobsons Estate Agents

Instruction Winner

Jo Woolley Jones Robinson

Good service.

Ed Dempsey Ed Dempsey & Associates


Robin Tossell Ambitious Group

The SMS Speedway platform is extremely easy to use

Stephanie Savills

Excellent Customer Service

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