The HBSG is an informal mix of people across the property, legal and finance sectors all of whom passionately believe that by working together we can improve the home buying and selling process for consumers.

A key aim of the group is to streamline the information required to buy and sell a home from the start of the buying/selling process through to moving in and during home ownership.
For agents, specifically, this should lead to less chasing for information, better up-front information and compliant to NTSELAT and fewer fall throughs.

Problems we solve for agents

The Property Data Trust Framework group have agreed the draft wording of the framework, created a JSON schema and a standard API spec for property data to be collected upfront and shared between appropriate parties in a transaction.

Using this the HBSG BASPI, agents can:
1) Provide buyers with better up front information faster and digitalise it
2) Data can be exchanged by Agents and 3rd parties so that property data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable and will enable frictionless exchange of property data between software products and services, and will be supported by trusted information authenticating the provenance of that data
3) Electronic exchange of data will mean faster interaction between all parties leading to less fraud, faster workflow and fewer fall throughs And we inputted into the .gov Buying and selling guides which can be shared with consumers.


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