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Agent Hub Ltd

Agent Hub is the first CRM system designed specifically for the property industry and the only Salesforce partner to... Read more

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Agent Hub is the first CRM system designed specifically for the property industry and the only Salesforce partner to have a property application across the UK and Europe. 

Combined with a revolutionary MLS to aid in collaboration and cross-industry connection, we help professionals across the property sector organise their work, connect with others, reach wider audiences, and close more deals.

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Specialist Property Solutions

Great Customer Care Team

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Our licenses are built on the Salesforce enterprise license and include all the features of this ( - 

Our Licenses start from £49 per month per user going to £99 per month per user for main administrator licenses. 

We also have small business package for companies with 9 licenses and under. 

We can integrate with over 3000 certified Salesforce pre apps as standard. 

We integrate as standard with; 

Brick flow

Moving Hub


Land registry 



Doc u sign

Twilio (SMS & WHATS APP)


Currently working on; 


Home search 

Residential/Commercial people

Net house price 

Property XYZ

Van Mildert

Setup / Onboarding

New customer orgs can be spun up in 1 day. Full set up’s  2-6 weeks 

4 weeks (up to 3 Branches, branding, 3000 contacts & 2000 properties across 3 property types, 5 web integrations) 

8 weeks (up to 6 Branches, branding, Hierarchy level set up, Permission set’s 10,000 contacts, 5000 properties across 3 property types, 7 web integration) 

10 weeks (up to 10 Branches, branding, Hierarchy level set up, Permission set’s 20,000 contacts, 10000 properties across 3 property types, 10 web integration)

Training & Support

For us, providing a valuable platform that streamlines processes and improves daily operations is only half the battle. We want every user to use Agent Hub to its fullest potential, understanding all the ways it can make operations across the property industry simple, streamlined, and effective.

No matter the contract size, we provide comprehensive support to all our clients. We offer a remote, online demonstration on how to use the platform, providing a range of training materials as well as ongoing support to ensure Agent Hub keeps making positive changes to your business.

Complimentary training

While the platform has been built specifically to be intuitive and easy-to-use, we offer complimentary training to every client. 

Dedicated account manager

Any client with over twenty licenses will get their own dedicated account manager which gives you constant, direct access to the help and support you need. 

Support and enquiries

Our customer support email address is manned six days a week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., meaning we are on-hand throughout the working day to answer any enquiries or resolve any issues you come up against. Wherever possible, we look to respond to every enquiry within 15-30 minutes and will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Educational videos

We have a wide variety of free training videos available to all users that cover everything from the basics through to managing the platform’s many specific features and add-ons. 

Product range

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Multi listing service (MLS)

Website creations (with CRM integrations)

Artificial intelligence (AI)


Problems we solve for agents

At Agent Hub, we think the property industry benefits massively from cross-industry collaboration and connection. And what makes us stand apart from other property CRMs across the UK is our complementary multiple listing service (MLS) that works hand-in-hand with our CRM. 

Our MLS system has the potential to bring together every type of professional across the property industry. In this huge property melting pot, you can find new partnerships, clients, properties, and ideas that will help you generate sales, organise business opportunities, and improve customer service.

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