Agent Hub is the first CRM system designed specifically for the property industry and the only Salesforce partner to have a property application across the UK and Europe. 

Combined with a revolutionary MLS to aid in collaboration and cross-industry connection, we help professionals across the property sector organise their work, connect with others, reach wider audiences, and close more deals.







Problems we solve for agents

At Agent Hub, we think the property industry benefits massively from cross-industry collaboration and connection. And what makes us stand apart from other property CRMs across the UK is our complementary multiple listing service (MLS) that works hand-in-hand with our CRM. 

Our MLS system has the potential to bring together every type of professional across the property industry. In this huge property melting pot, you can find new partnerships, clients, properties, and ideas that will help you generate sales, organise business opportunities, and improve customer service.


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