Founded in December 2016 Bricks + Agent is a cloud based solution that supplies to property managers a digital tool kit to revolutionise the way that they interact with tenants, owners and trades, by integrating into property management software providers.

Bricks and Agent build and deliver a platform that assists property managers with maintenance, inspections, smart digital locks, bots and automation using the latest global technology and applying it to the property management industry.

Maintenance. Inspections. Locks. Bots. Automation. 

Product Summary

Bricks and Agent has:

Maintenance | Inspections | Smart Digital Locks | Bots | Automation

Problems we solve for agents

Bricks and Agent has solutions for maintenance, inspections, locks, bots and automations for property managers, trades, owners and tenants. Integrating into leading property management software to create and AI based seamless user experience, removing the mundane and manual and replacing it with automation and smarts.


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