CY Training Works focuses on helping estate agents to create value through great customer service in order to win more business at higher fees..

Effective communication is at the heart of all good relationships. Without it, no rapport exists and so there is no reason to connect or remain connected. We are instinctively drawn to people who we believe are interested in us and the power of this attraction supersedes price when choosing one business over another.
All of CY Training Works programmes focus on how great communication can achieve great results, including more instructions, more recommendations and referrals, happier customers and higher fees. Clare is an innovative trainer who communicates in a “hands on” way using real experiences to create empathy and understanding. Described as an entertainer, Clare sells not tells, so really connects with her audience, so training is not only informative but great fun too! 

Problems we solve for agents

CY Training is focused on putting the WHY into mind-sets, behaviours and attitudes>

Training should never be dull or irrelevant and if your staff believe they have heard it all before, perhaps it is time to try something new!

Fun, interactive and fast-paced training delivered to you and your teams, based on YOUR business, YOUR area and YOUR challenges.

Your teams will come away feeling motivated and ready to make the changes you are looking for, because they understand WHY they should.

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