EZ-App is a state of the art property reporting app to make the property reporting process more efficient with its many time saving features. Our app and cloud based platform will allow you to take full control of your inventory, check in, check out and property inspection reports. Templates are fully customisable, branded and can be completed on the road, bringing you full flexibility.

The cloud based platform, will enable you or your clients to book and manage appointments & reports, as well as quality control, automated invoices and financial reports.

Key Features of App & Cloud Based Platform

  • View all appointments along with timeline of previous reports and directions to each property
  • Use professional templates with capability to add/remove items, re-order and duplicate rooms
  • Add Descriptions using voice to text or commonly used phrases
  • No limit to quality date stamped photographs
  • Get signatures at the property on your device or send for signature via the cloud based platform
  • Flag for maintenance and compliance issues as you go, which will then appear in handy conclusions for agents or landlords
  • Comparison check out reports with conclusion highlighting tenant responsibility & fair wear and tear, saving time dealing with deposits
  • Report on maintenance and compliance via the cloud based platform

Problems we solve for agents

Are you spending too much time completing, booking and managing property reports?

Is it costing too much outsourcing Inventory, Check In and Check Out?  

Are you missing important maintenance or compliance issues that are raised on these reports?

We can save you time by providing you with an app to complete those reports in house in a fraction of the time.  We provide full training on not just the app and cloud based platform but also on how to complete professional reports that will set you apart from the competition.

 We look at integrating with your CRM to make you more efficient.


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