Whether you want to offer your tenants a choice and lower upfront move-in costs, double your landlords protection or streamline your deposits, flatfair can help. 

Our secure rental solutions and technology give you peace of mind with:

Fast payouts and market-leading protection for landlords

Landlords receive up to 10 week’s protection, along with fast cost recovery after charges are agreed with tenants.

Quicker move-ins with lower upfront costs for tenants

Tenants can use our No Deposit solution to lower their upfront move-in costs, and instead pay a small, one-off check-in fee worth only one week's rent (+VAT).

Streamline your traditional deposits and no Deposits, with flatfair Deposits

One place for you to safely lodge your traditional deposits and No Deposits. Offer your tenants a choice on how they secure their new home, reduce the amount of time spent on admin and the risk of compliance issues.

Plus you can increase your revenue and gain a competitive advantage, for free.

Product Summary

No Deposit, Unlock Deposit and Deposits

Problems we solve for agents

flatfair No Deposit:

  • Quicker move-ins and lower upfront costs for tenants, with no sneaky recurring fees
  • Double protection for landlords
  • Fast and fair end of tenancy

flatfair Unlock Deposit:

  • You can release current tenants traditional deposits with Unlock Deposit
  • Facilitated through our easy to use tech platform
  • All the same great benefits of flatfair No Deposits

flatfair Deposits:

  • Streamline your traditional and No Deposits, all in one place
  • Automate traditional deposits
  • Save up to 1 hour of admin time per tenancy
  • Reduce compliance risks

flatfair’s rental solutions offer agents:

  • Rewards and revenue for offering flatfair to your customers
  • A competitive advantage
  • Free to join and use, with full training for you and your team


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Laura Carlon Nock Deighton

Huge savings for our tenants!

Elisa Bayliss Hunters

Love to use Flatfair!

Kye Cowton Hunters

Great service!

Mikyle Andrews Jones Robinson

Great service!

Dan Alsop CGT Lettings

Extremely quick and efficient

Hannah Rogers CGT Lettings

What's not to love!!

Hunters Hunters York

Great experience!

Romey Lee Martin & Co


Ben Temperton Beals Estate Agents

Great service!

Angharad Trueman CGT Lettings

Great service!

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