LettsPay is an automated payment and reconciliation platform for residential letting agents. 

We provide a simpler, more streamline solution too high street banks and other vendors, saving you hours if not days a month. 

Utilising the Latest FinTech, LettsPay creates separate accounts for each landlord with their own sort code & Account No.

The Tenant is automatically notified to pay directly into their landlords account and all you need to do is create and approve the payouts.

Lettspay also manages 3rd party payments to contractors, suppliers, Deposit schemes & HMRC, NRL tax commitments.

Our solution saves you time, money and ensures you are always 100% compliant to the Anti-Money Laundry directive, Client money protection and Financial Conduct Authority regulations. Let us take that headache away.

Problems we solve for agents

LettsPay offers banking and accounting all in one place, managed through our state-of-the-art cloud-based portal. Letting agents no longer have to manage their bank and accounting software as LettsPay automates both in a single system. No more CSV files or spreadsheets! LettsPay is user friendly, saves time and is cost effective. 

You will never pay rent to the wrong landlord and reconciliation is seamless as the tenant pays directly into the landlord account, not a single client account.  Additionally, we provide real-time data on tenant payments - no more waiting for BACS runs or end of the day processing.


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Adrian Deverill Gaudin & Co

New LettsPay User

Stuart Campbell Maxin Lettings

Highly recommend!

Rupert Aslett Rothmore Property

Easy to use system!

Pardeep Wilkhu Global lettings

Would highly recommend!

HomesRus PropertyManagement HomesRus PropertyManagement

Amazing experience, very efficient, easy to use service highly recommended.

Andrew Brooks ipl estates

extremely helpful and professional

anish ARaja Properties

They have saved me so much time and effort!

Sarah Evans cardea lettings

I would definitely recommend LettsPay.

Nathan Myerson KWUK

I would highly recommend!

Bliss Woods neil robinson

Would highly recommend!

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