Equip your customers with the tools to offer, buy and complete a property purchase through your website, anytime, anywhere.

At Offr, we believe there is a better way to buy and sell property. A faster, more transparent way, where there is less uncertainty and stress.

The fact is, the stress, uncertainty and longevity of buying and selling property are just products of an outdated, yet somehow accepted system. We made it our goal to address these problems. We developed one platform for everyone. An end to end, open solution which supports agents, buyers, sellers and solicitors.

Top 4 benefits to agents 

  • Upgrade your website in minutes, adding the ability to offer, buy and complete property purchases at the touch of a button. No additional developer support required.
  • Faster transaction times with greater transparency and less fall through
  • Gives you the option to introduce new revenue streams from online auctions
  • Reduced overheads and increase productivity

Problems we solve for agents

Digitise an outdated process by equipping agents with the technology they need to get properties sold faster.


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Paul Halliday George Edwards

Stand out from the competition

Gareth Ashington Ashington Page

The Offr technology will bring us greater engagement

Stephen Grace Kingshills

We can’t wait to start using Offr

Richard O'Neill Artis

A simpler process

Alan Loughrey BV Commercial

Game changing

Ed Dempsey Ed Dempsey & Associates

The added personal touch is second to none

Liam Hardagen Jordans

Game changer

Eamon O'Flaherty Sherry FitzGerlad, Brady O'Flaherty

The Offr team was there on hand the whole time

Stephen Barry Raymond Potterton

I would not hesitate to recommend Offr to other agents

Adrian Haythornwaite Sherry Fitzgerald, Haythornwaite

Thank you for all your help

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