We are OneDome, the UK's first property portal capable of connecting the dots in the home buying and selling journey. From finding a property to connecting with estate agents, through to getting a mortgage and completing  conveyancing, OneDome does it all. We've also developed a range of PropTech tools designed to simplify and improve processes for home movers, estate agents, conveyancers, and mortgage brokers. Take our autoresponder tool for example, estate agents can use it to capture and encourage potential leads even outside of their usual business hours, meaning they can generate revenue opportunities without additional effort.

We’ve also improved the way people find a home, thanks to our data-driven Search tool. It works as a free-text search like Google, meaning home buyers can be far more specific in how they look for properties. For estate agents, this results in more reliable enquiries from potential homebuyers. We also offer estate agents a guarantee of free listings on our portal, forever. 

For conveyancers, we have simplified the process from the ground up and moved everything online. Conveyancers can easily manage customer expectations and keep them informed with a tasklist that tracks the progress of the conveyancing in real time.


Product Summary

Online conveyancing platform - drastically reduced paperwork, ability to send and sign encrypted documents online and in one place

Find an agent - free promotion for estate agents, shows customers an agency's qualities (success rate selling similar properties, number of branches, proximity to properties searched for by customer, etc.)

Mortgage Passport - pre-qualifies buyers for a Mortgage in Principle, meaning estate agents get higher quality customers in genuine positions to buy.

Autoresponder - lets estate agents capture and encourage leads eve outside of usual business hours

Search - data-driven, free-text property search functions like Google; homebuyers can be much more specific in how they search for a property (3 bedroom home near green spaces with great transport links, for example).

Problems we solve for agents

We are fixing the problem of excessively high listing fees estate agents are currently charged by the traditional property portals. With OneDome, estate agents can list for free, as well as get promotion with our 'find an agent' tool at no additional cost whatsoever. As well as this, because we link every step of the property journey online and in one place, estate agents get much needed transparency of the entire transaction.


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James White Belong

Excellent value and service

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