The first genuine agent-led challenger portal.

OpenBrix is built on the blockchain in order to decentralise the control.

Planned integration with suppliers and partners will allow the agent to pair a tenant or buyer with a property and their branch on the blockchain, and allow their chosen supplier (or our expanding list of suppliers, it’s the agents choice) to up-sell directly to the consumer. This reduces the cost per acquisition for the supplier, it will dramatically increase the sales of the other income streams. It also opens these streams to the agents managed portfolios and any buyers. This leaves the agents to focus on their main job and see the branch commissions from these partners on their dashboards increase and redeem. OpenBrix takes no share of these income streams. Our charges are only based on a monthly subscription of £100pcm per branch. Nothing more.

Unlike other platforms, OpenBrix cannot raise prices or sell data that was not agreed upon by the majority of our community members. The UK agents form the community.

Join OpenBrix today, become a member of the community and re-take control for just £100 per branch, per month. NO CONTRACT, NO 'OTHER PORTAL' STIPULATIONS, NO CANCELATION PERIODS, NO FEE INCREASES.










Problems we solve for agents

OpenBrix decentralises the property portal market. The first of its kind in the world. Never again can an agent be treated like the Big 3 have done. 


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Sadia Jack Barclay Estates

Christmas came early!

Shorifa Tumbleweed Estate Agents

OpenBrix generates income!

Maurice Kilbride Maurice Kilbride Estates


Murray Lee Dreamview Estates

That’s rare!

David Thomas Liberty Gate


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