PropCall provide expert out-of-hours call handling, working as an extension your team. Our job is to handle any maintenance issues that arise when your office is closed, so that you can enjoy a true work-life balance, safe in the knowledge that your managed assets are looked after. 

We help tenants resolve issues with video calls, reducing the need to send contractors. But if there is a genuine emergency, we can manage emergency contractor call outs, working with YOUR priorities and best interests in mind.

Problems we solve for agents

Tenant calling at 10pm on a Saturday with a broken down boiler? We'll hop on a video call and show them how to top up the pressure to get it back up and running, so you can enjoy your evening. 

We're here to take the calls out-of-hours so you don't have to (and we don't just default to sending out expensive contractors!).


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Lee Bilbrough Pure Lettings

Propcall gives us the comfort our tenants, and in turn their landlords,

Pardeep Wilkhu Global Lettings and Management Ltd

The team at Propcall has been fantastic, great service.

Marian Waldron Murphy Waldron Estates Ltd

I would not hesitate to recommend this service.

Michelle Reeve Peak Property

The company has been so helpful

Danielle Davidson Danielle Davidson

All my clients have commented on how helpful and polite the staff are too :)

Debiy Brunskill Xenia Lettings

I for sure wouldn't be able to do my job without the Prop Call team.

Jess Davies Paramount

Would highly recommend them and their services.

Adrian Sangster Aberdein Considine

We wish we had appointed them earlier.

Charl Kusche Xenia Lettings

Excellent service. No complaints

Elaine Adams Park Property Management

Propcall always go above and beyond with their service.

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