Smart Compliance is a fully managed end to end solution ensuring Estate Agents meet their AML obligations. We offer a HMRC guaranteed compliance service that frees up your employees' time and reduces risk—all at no cost to you. 

We provide you with a Compliance Policy, risk assessment and when HMRC conducts their audits of your business we guarantee to cover any fines imposed by HMRC resulting from a Lifetime Legal error – its as simple as that! 

As your compliance partner, our experienced AML analysts work as an extension of your team. This frees up valuable property professionals to focus on new business generation. Agents can provide their clients with increased financial security throughout their move by offering a complimentary three-month Lifetime Legal membership that includes ‘Mover Protection,’" a free standard or mirror Will, and access to legal advice. This is a significant trust-builder that differentiates your offering and sets you apart from competitors.


Problems we solve for agents

The process of AML is often labour-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. As the complexity of AML regulations increase, so do the number of HMRC fines, inspections, and audits. With over 60% of our cases requiring additional due diligence, our specialist AML analysts ensure your agency stays compliant with current regulations.


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Tom Gordon Seymours Camberley LTD

Changed our Business for the better

Oliver Sears


John Brewer Move Property

The Mover Protection is an instruction winner, and our clients love it.

Kevin Shaw Leaders Romans Group

Highly recommend!

Steve Thompson Thomas Morris

We have peace of mind that we are fully compliant!

Vicky Bibiris Location Location

This allows us to focus more on serving our clients and growing our business.

Adam Charlton Homes Partnership

Game changer!

Josh Gertler Normie & Co

Thank you Amy and everyone at Smart Compliance!

Georgi Parkers Witney

Thanks Amy!

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