A technology-driven tenant referencing company offering an advanced referencing platform for in-house use by agents, OR fully supported by our managed referencing service through our high-quality PRS Propertymark trained staff. We support our Agents with exemplary referencing experience, Right to Rent, Licensing and AML management. Our unique offering delivers quality checks & reassurances for every let, with speed and control, and excellent customer experience at the heart of our offering. All this & some unique relationships to deliver additional income streams to Agents hassle-free!  Veri-Check supplies the most advanced reference on the market that pays you, with select income generation opportunities.



Problems we solve for agents

Veri-Check recognises the importance of accurate and efficient referencing systems, and brings a fresh approach to the process, using real-time, web-based systems that give instantaneous credit risk reports’,  24 hours a day. We recognise the value of choice - and provide a fully-managed referencing service, or offer the flexibility for clients to run their own referencing checks in-house. Either way, at the heart of it, is the Veri-Check system - our unique offering is the speed at which our service works, the control and efficiency.


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