Have you ever gone to collect a property key, only to find it wasn’t where you expected? Keyzapp relieves the daily... Read more

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Have you ever gone to collect a property key, only to find it wasn’t where you expected?  Keyzapp relieves the daily hassle of key management, so you always know who has the keys.  Trusted by thousands worldwide, and the proud holder of the EXCEPTIONAL rating at the EA Masters,  our innovative smart fobs combine with a powerful cloud-based database to help you: 

  • Save time looking up, issuing and returning keys, banishing inefficient paper log books and lists.
  • Eliminate hassle and stress caused by searching for-misplaced or non-returned keys
  • Automatically chase late keys by text message
  • Track keys from anywhere using smart phones and tablets
  • Maintain a fully searchable audit log of all key movements or properties, key sets and people
  • Promote your brand and provide additional services through our range of bespoke smart fobs.

Successful key management relies on the people who use it day-to-day, so Keyzapp is easy to learn and can be tailored to fit your business processes. 

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Lanigan Estates

Excellent product even better customer service!

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Martins Properties

Great system and Support

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Belvoir Sales & Lettings

Great product, great people

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Intuitive Key Management With Great Support

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Ben Property Management Ltd

Very happy so far !

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Keys are always kept track of very smoothly with the software

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paul kingham lettings

Excellent, straight forward & reliable system, reasonably priced

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Lismore Asset Management Limited

Great, innovative product

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Life savers

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Pro Lead Generation

Changed my key system entirely

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Keyzapp is priced based on a combination of the number of offices you manage keys from, and the number of properties you manage keys for.


Standard: Ideal for smaller teams @ £29 per office per month. Manage keys for up to 145 properties (additional properties @20p per month each)
Professional: Offers our full feature set. Most popular @ £45 per office per month. Manage keys for up to 300 properties (additional properties @15p per month each)
Enterprise: For larger offices and organisations @ £75 per office per month. Manage keys for up to 750 properties (additional properties just 10p per month each)

Bespoke packages may be negotiated if you have particular needs or require terms other than our standard Ts & Cs.

Equipment - Smart Fobs and Readers

The equipment for working with Keyzapp is usually bought outright at a one-off cost. Costs can range from stickers @35p each, through to £1.10 each for the fanciest fob designs.  Readers are typically £30-£40 each.  Custom branding carries a one-off fee (usually £120) You can have as many or as few as you need.

Setup: From Free

We offer a free basic setup option with our online portal and support materials, including a basic upload of your properties and keys, if provided on our spreadsheet template or through one of our integration partners.

Enhanced Setup - Currently FREE for Kerfuffle members.

We encourage a more detailed "hands-on" setup to guarantee success.  We'll import your existing property and key data from any spreadsheet or system (we'll help you tidy it up if needed), and will provide 1-to-1 consultation, remote setup and training sessions, offering best practice guidance for you and your team. This includes tailoring your chosen subscription to your needs and working with you afterward to ensure success.

Messaging Systems:

• SMS - Chase late keys by text message.  All subscriptions include some SMS for free!
• Email- Send email confirmations when keys are picked up, include details like address or alarm codes

Connect to 1,000s of apps (Including some CRMs) via Zapier, IFTTT or Microsoft Flow

Keyzapp's "Web hook" system can alert other systems when keys are signed in or out or go overdue typical examples are:

• Create a task in your CRM or task list app for a colleague to chase the plumber who still hasn't brought the keys back
• Add a team message in Slack or WhatsApp when keys are reserved
• Send a push notification to a subscriber's phone when keys are brought back

Current Property CRM Integrations

• SME Professional
• Rezi by DezRez

Planned Property CRM Integrations

• Reapit Foundations

Awarded in 2020

Best Estate Agency Suppliers Guide 2021 - Best Overall Medium - Runner-U2

Awarded in 2019

Best Estate Agency Suppliers Guide 2020: Exceptional (Software & Technology)

Setup / Onboarding

No equipment? Get set up in 24 hours

If you choose just to use Keyzapp as the world's easiest-to-use key database, then you can be up and running very quickly.

Use Keyzapp-branded fobs and stickers to be up and running in a week

If fancy branded smart fobs aren't that important to you, then we can usually ship your scanning equipment to you inside a week.

Branded kit takes a bit longer (3-5 weeks)

Lead times will vary a bit for customised smart fobs, depending on your exact needs.  Due to the pandemic these are currently taking a little longer to arrive - usually 3-5 weeks.

Training & Support

Even the most intuitive systems are only as good as the people who use them.  That's why you'll always get a helping hand to get started. At a remote one-on-one training and setup session, we'll spend the time making sure we tailor Keyzapp to match your processes and procedures, making it simple for everyone to adopt.

Following that you can pick up the phone at any time (UK standard business hours), or get support via the online portal.

If you're not happy, we're not happy, so we actively encourage you to let us know if something is working just the way you'd like it.  

Problems we solve for agents

Keys cause stress. Stress costs time. Time costs money.  Keyzapp makes the stress go away.  


• People WAITING for the keys no one can find?
• APPOINTMENTS MOVED because the key wasn’t back in time, or had been given out to another person?
• The plumber says he left the keys at the front desk, but THEY'RE NOT THERE NOW!
• Someone needs to GET ANOTHER SET CUT?


• Keys are TRACKED with a UNIQUE FOB
• Keys are LOGGED and everyone is ACCOUNTABLE
• Codes are CORRECT and your cabinet is ORGANISED
• Keys are MANAGED

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kerfuffle reviews on Keyzapp

Helen Pass HomeSmart Lettings

I can see exactly where keys are at all times and chase texts are sent out automatically for over due keys

David Devlin Milverton Grove Ltd

Well designed solution that does what it needs to with the end user in mind

Paul Kingham Paul Kingham Residential Lettings

Simple, relilable system.

Kirsten Allan FleetMilne

How simple it is to use

Sally Hubbard Justin Lloyd

Keyzapp is simply brilliant! So easy to set up and use, daily text alerts for contractors (and staff!) to bring back keys, allocated staff fobs so we know who signed them out, reports to keep on top of it all. We love it!

David Waterhouse FAM Ltd

So simple to use

Megan O'Hara John Hilton

So easy!


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