At the heart of River's mission is to streamline and optimise the entire lettings journey, helping agents to both survive and thrive, by offering agents more time, more money, and less stress.

Our focus spans the entire lettings journey from preparing a property for the market, through to digital lease signing. Our goal is to significantly reduce the time to let, whilst also reducing the cost per let.

River provides agents with a comprehensive digital solution. This includes preparing a property for market, featuring 360 virtual tours, video fly-throughs, high-quality photos, and detailed floor plans. We have streamlined the entire enquiry management process with a centralised applicant dashboard, allowing automatic tracking and responding to leads from all marketing channels. Additionally, we offer unlimited free credit checks, guarantor checks, landlord and employer referencing, and I.D. document uploads. Our 24/7 online virtual viewing option enhances the tenant experience. The convenience of our digital lease signing allows agents to send, track, and sign all leases remotely, while our utility management service opens up new revenue streams, eliminating pre and post-tenancy admin.

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Problems we solve for agents

Agents face overwhelming demand, tenants contend with long queues at viewings, and landlords must make careful choices.

For letting agents, our platform has been labelled a game changer by many of our partnering agents by saving them substantial time per let, cutting operational costs and creating additional revenue streams per let.

Our platform allows both agents and landlords to make informed decisions, reducing risk and shortening void periods, whilst tenants will receive a comprehensive MyRentalCV that they can share with future agents, allowing them to stand out and secure their next rental property.


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