LeadPro is a fully integrated marketing platform that helps to convert website visitors and portal enquiries into booked valuations.

Our software has been developed in partnership with leading agents over the last five years to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use platform designed for winning new business and growing market share whilst monitoring high-level KPIs.

LeadPro Instant Valuation Tool can be added to your website, email, and social media, and turn unknown visitors into valuation leads. The Lead Responder Tool instantly responds to every portal enquiry with a branded email and text message, sending all applicants a pre-qualification questionnaire to find out if they have a property to sell or let. Our Autocaller allows you to speak to high-value portal enquiries before your competitors do, helping you win more business.

We've recently added Social Media Marketing to the list of services we provide, helping you increase brand awareness, improve lead generation and revenue-driving efforts.

And the best part? You can track all your leads' statuses inside of our LeadPro Dashboard and understand which sources provide the best ROI. 

Product Summary

Instant Valuation Tool, Lead Responder Tool, Autocaller, Social Media Marketing, Management Dashboard

Problems we solve for agents

We help them generate, nurture, and better covert all leads, making sure leads are not lost at the same time as offering in-depth analytics over the lead sources, and the ways leads are handled by each of the offices.


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George Howitt Your Move & Reeds Rains

Superb platform that works closely with their customers

Benjamin Churchill Harry Harper Sales & Lettings

Amazing bit of kit! Has helped us GROW and work SMARTER not HARDER.

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