Tappter is a super simple messaging platform for estate agents that guarantees convenient and compliant communication is only a 'tap' away.

Your property business can use one platform to:

  • Manage multiple conversations between branches, teams, customers and partners (including solicitors, financial services providers, maintenance teams, etc.)
  • Verify ID and onboard customers faster
  • Share sales/leasing documents and collect digital signatures in an instant
  • Access a fully auditable and transparent history of all communications
  • Build and manage networking groups

Your customers have a single touch point to:

  • Communicate with your branches, teams and partners when it’s most convenient
  • Verify their ID quickly and securely
  • Sign, store and access important documents relating to their property
  • Quickly search through previous conversations and shared media

Your partners can use one messaging app to:

  • Easily communicate with your branches, teams, tenants, buyers or sellers
  • Respond quickly to any issues or required tasks
  • Build networks, identify sales opportunities and find skilled support

Tappter is fully GDPR compliant and onboarding is lightning quick - we can integrate with existing workflows and CRM systems so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Subscription is on a per user or per branch basis with monthly or annual contracts.

Product Features

  • Separate messaging channels for branches, teams or business functions
  • Simple profile creation for business users, customers and partners.
  • Intuitive business dashboard providing real-time overview of all channels and conversations
  • Fast customer onboarding via text message
  • Regulatory compliant ID verification technology
  • Electronic document signing and storage
  • Fully auditable communication history
  • Integration with your website & mobile apps
  • Integration with existing workflows / CRM
  • 100% ad-free

Problems we solve for agents

Avoid the Personal Messaging Wild West

Tappter brings the convenience of mainstream messaging apps into a controlled, secure and professional environment – with added functionality. No more worries about the risks, challenges and pitfalls of  using personal WhatsApp accounts for work purposes or, worse still, inappropriate personal content ending up in a work channel.

Eliminate Communication Delays

As a business owner, you can track and revisit every single Tappter conversation. So you’ll know exactly when documents have been shared, seen and signed. Gone are the delays and frustrations of chasing multiple parties by phone or email.

Streamline Customer App Cost & Administration

Tappter’s extensive feature list means it is often possible to consolidate your technology stack to optimise your operations. If you’re a small or medium sized business, this can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Take Community Groups Off Social Media

Building and managing groups on social media can be a great marketing tool for agents. However, the very fact these groups are on social media means you don’t always have the control you like over who or what is being posted. With Tappter you can build engaging communities in your own space and on your own terms.

Maintain a Five-Star Reputation

Your business is built on the strength of your customer service. With Tappter there’s no excuse for missing a message or poor response times. With Tappter you can get a crystal-clear picture of your team’s performance and proactivity. With Tappter you can nip any issues in the bud quickly and ensure there are no skeletons in the closet.


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