We remove 90% of your ‘end of tenancy’ admin whilst simultaneously delighting tenants with a transparent, simple, any-time online service. Easy to use & fully customizable our online app will transform your agency operations & delight consumers & staff alike. We expect agents & tenants to be equal advocates. Whilst our primary concern is for the agents who are our clients & we know they will love the ease of the system plus how much time & stress we remove from the day to day operation; however, tenants have accepted for far too long that the end of the tenancy process is murky, messy & stressful - once they see what this does they will be huge advocates of you & your agency. Testing to date has seen tenants give the platform a 90% satisfaction rating with 83% giving the deduction negotiation process alone a rating of ‘fair & transparent’- when was the last time you had a tenant say that about deductions? Never….?

Product Summary

We are a fully responsive web based app, with progressive web app available - i.e. you can download an icon to your desktop and launch the platform this way rather than by visiting a website.

Problems we solve for agents

We remove around 90% of admin related to the end of a tenancy, most of which has zero monetary value to agents and is just chasing people. Our platform streamlines processes and ensures compliance. Our clients have a dashboard of all concluding tenancies, giving easy at a glance updates and we deliver transparency to tenants in what is often a fraught and stressful time. All users, tenants and landlords can perform actions from any device, anywhere in the world. Built by agents, for agents. 


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customer support

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Brilliant Platform

Jamie Galloway

★★★★★ Great Platform! Highly Recommended! ★★★★★

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Depositary - Helpful, easy to use, makes workload manageable

Princess O JOHNS & CO

Top-tier Software

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Maria Morgan Geen Previous reviews Platinum Properties Ely

Excellent Software

Excellent cost effective solution

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