Checkboard is the ultimate compliance and verification platform for the property industry. 

The combination of the latest technologies and our property and banking industry knowledge, allows our clients to receive a full detailed report in 15 minutes straight into their inbox. 

Our holistic software lets us obtain absolute error-free data from everyone you deal with; therefore, you get to accurately verify:

  • Tenants (referencing),
  • Buyers (Proof of Funds), Landlords and Sellers.

The best aspect is our added extras which are:

  • Anti-Money Laundering,
  • Land Registry checks.

Allowing you to make an ever-informed decision before completing your transactions by protecting you from fraudulent behaviour that seems to be prevalent in the property industry. The best thing about these services we offer is that it is all included for free.  

In line with keeping property professionals at the top of our priorities, we have also decided to make their experience as simple and easy as possible. That is why Checkboard is ready and able to integrate with any CRM system, allowing Estate Agents to optimise their time and resources. 

Platform Benefits:

  • Can integrate with your CRM system and also work independently. 
  • Can perform Tenant Checks, Landlord Checks, Buyer Checks, Seller Checks all within the same platform.
  • No manual work, fully automated platform and reports made through Open Banking.


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Angelo AVRillo

Our clients are very happy using Checkboard as our our lawyers.. They are fast with customer service too.

Fernanda Matos Livco London

Antonella 5 stars! ⭐️

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