WeCOMPLETE offers an end-to-end digital property completion platform developed to streamline the process of conveyancing and communication between all parties.

Put your brand first with WeCOMPLETE's white label ability as you progress your property sales to completion. Now available to the whole estate agent and legal firm arena, WeCOMPLETE is changing the pace of transactions across England and Wales and is proven to reduce completion times by an average of 42%, including the most complex and problematic of cases. With homeowners citing conveyancing delays as a significant contributor to a sale falling through, WeCOMPLETE has reduced fall-through rates to less than a third of the national average

 WeCOMPLETE coordinates the work of estate agents and legal teams using world-class technology to progress the sale. More than just tracking, WeCOMPLETE is a technology supplied to estate agents and conveyancers to expedite every step of the conveyancing process, including automated updates and communication with clients and interested parties in real-time, eliminating labour intensive phone calls, emails, and snail-mail. Agents who have adopted the WeCOMPLETE platform have achieved completions in under 28 days.

Problems we solve for agents

Conveyancing has long been a problem for agents paid on completion. More than just tracking: WeCOMPLETE expedited the conveyancing process by providing a full CRM to legal teams to speed up onboarding, AML, search ordering and returns, form filling, document signing, communication and every step in between. A remote and paperless transaction, reducing completion times by an average of 42% across the most complex of cases. A proven ability to complete in under 28 days and with homeowners citing conveyancing delays as a contributor to sales collapsing WeCOMPLETE has reduced fall-throughs to less than a third of the national average.


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Kate Gostelow North Wall

Super Efficient

Tony Finch Antony Davis Estate Agents

If only every sale/purchase went through this quickly.

Manjit Sangha Ideal Locations

It works really well.

Mark Townend Appleby & Townend Estate Agents

Joining WeCOMPLETE is genuinely one of the best decisions we’ve made as a business.

Paul Lund Davis & Lund

Bringing conveyancing in to the 21st century

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