mio sales progression software, designed specifically for Estate Agents, is proven to improve transaction times and reduce fall-throughs to under 20%. Low cost, simple to introduce and easy to use mio is a must-have for Estate Agents who take sales progression seriously. 

Owned and operated by one of the UK’s leading providers of Property Searches and property data specialists, tmgroup, mio launched in May 2019. Since launch over 100,000 properties have progressed to exchange in mio; nearly 1.4m sales progression milestones have been updated by Agents and over 500,000 milestones have been updated automatically by data feeds from conveyancers, search providers, surveyors and mortgage brokers.

Product Summary

  • mio sales progression
  • mio chain view
  • mio app

Problems we solve for agents

  1. Simple to use sales progression software proven to reduce SSTC to Exchange times.
  2. Drives a more effective approach to sales progression which will reduce fall throughs.
  3. Automated updates from Conveyancers, Surveyors, Search Providers and Mortgage Brokers reduce chasing and ensures you know exactly what’s happening with every sale.
  4. Integrated chain view updates as sales progress and keeps everyone in the chain informed. The mio chain view can, via a simple API integration, be shared with any other business involved in the transaction from the conveyancer to the Mortgage Broker.
  5. Guides you through a simple sales progression checklist ensuring you stay on top of your


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Daniel Otton, Director Buttercross Estates

Really impressed with the system!

Jon Graham, Director Dwell

The interface is intuitive, and quick and easy to use.

James Tiller, Director Christopher Shaw

We wanted software that enabled us to easily keep track of our sales progression with clear information.

Chris Knowles, Branch Manager Park & Bailey

MIO offers a user friendly platform!

Alex Hill Meyers Estate Agents - Poole

The big win with MIO is that it organises you!

Lynn Beard Williams & Donovan

Its easy to use, saves time for the agent and helps the client too!

Tony Brigden Woodhead & Co

Being an Old School Agent I always liked pen and paper for sales progression and was very sceptical when initially introduced to MIO.

Daniel Townsend Your Move (Deal Branch)

Mio Sales Progression - A Forward Thinking Brand

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